Addon [Soft-Solid] - Floating Search Windows In Admin Panel


We present you an extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor which allows modyfing search window on the lists (where it is possible), so as search window follows the movement of the mouse or cursor, and therefore be visible when browsing entire list. With it, search is always accessible and therefore it's not necessary to come back to the top to search.

We start from installing an extension:

In add-on configuration we can enable floating window on certain lists, and define distance between windows and upper store bar. Add-on supports the following lists:

- orders

- abandoned/live carts

- products

- administrators/customers/vendors administrators

- message center

- banners

- pages

- logs

Without add-on installed, if the list is very long, search window stays on top when moving down, making it difficult to use.

With add-on installed, window stays in constant distance from upper store bar, and is always accessible, which allows to easily change search criteria without scrolling up.

The window behaves similarly in other parts of the store.


  • no core file changes
  • compatibility with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor versions 4.10.x - 4.15.x
  • in the Multi-Vendor version it works with the new vendor panel

Please, do not hesitate contact us if you have any additional questions.

Link to addon

See and test demo

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