Addon: Shipping Rate Multiplier

I had a client that needed to be able to multiply the shipping rates by a percentage. Basically they wanted to be able to increase the shipping by 150%, 200%, etc. There was no way to do this with the default methods and setup of CS-Cart so I had Alt-Team do this addon for me.

To make the addon work, just upload the files and install the addon. Once the addon is installed, you need to set the percentage by clicking the “Edit” button on the addons page.

To make this addon work for each shipping method, you need to go to your methods and there is a checkbox there called “shipping rates”, just make sure that is checked.

This addon will work with both manual rates and realtime rates.

Just a note about it though. If you are using realtime rates and also a “handling fee”, this addon will multiply both, not just the realtime rates.

Anyways, I doubt too many people will actually need this addon, but for those who do, I hope you like it.



Well, I found out the hard way that this mod is designed only for CS 2.2.1 at the time. It had issues in 2.1.4 because many times we were unable to edit the percentage within the “add-ons” area. Then on version 2.2.2 the customer was unable to check out altogether.

So for now you will only want to use this mod on 2.2.1.

HI @brandonvd can i have access on your Thanks