Addon: SEO History

No more worrying about editing .htaccess files to add 301 redirects because you change the SEO name of your content. This addon will store prior SEO names and if a request comes to your site for one of your old names, it will issue a 301 redirect to the current name. You can optionally elect NOT to issue the 301 redirect and simply redirect to the old SEO named page.

This addon prevents search engines from getting 404 (page not found) responses from the cart and allows you to change your SEO names as needed to meet your current marketing needs.

This addon will NOT capture changes that happen as a result of a CSV import since cs-cart development team has chosen to have CSV imports act directly on the database. But any SEO Name changed in the admin interface will have it's history captured so you can safely change names without destroying existing links.

Currently SEO history is handled for Products, Categories, Pages and Companies. Product Feature Variants are not handled.

During installation, one hook is added to the addons/seo/func.php file and can be re-added following an upgrade. This is done progamatically, no editing of files is reqired. Beyond that, no standard files are modified.

Documenation is located at:…seo_history.pdf

or in the attachements tab of the produt detail page.

The product detail page is located:…eo-history.html

Price is $49.99

Any feedback you have is welcome.

Just got redirected here, was hoping that SEP History = Search Engine Position History. Now that would be an impressive and to-die-for addon!

All I can offer in “search engine position” is prayers! :-)

I guess it could be done, there’s various tools available to save SERP history for various keywords/URL’s, would be handy to have it all in one place. Guess I’ll keep dreaming…and praying :P

This addon tries to respond to the issue of changing names. I.e. if you have a product with an seo name of my-product-123-abc-a-short-description.html and want to change it to123-abc-my-product-shorter-description.html then all your external links will break unless you go into your .htaccess file and create a rewrite rule to redirect to the current URL.

This captures any changes you make and then, if during the seo lookup process it fails, it will look in a historical record for the name and use it instead. As stated above, you can then either redirect using a 301 or redirect without using a 301 (but using a 301 is the default).

It will NOT address rule changes such as having products use the cat-1[/cat-2]/file.html and then switching to file.html. But it actually works pretty slick and the search function (of both the standard names and the history) is invaluable.


Most of our products have an inventory of 1, when sold the link gives a 404. Would it be possible to set your addon that if a product within a category is gone, then the link forward to the category itself instead?

For example. If we sold a iPad in the apple products section, once the ipad is sold, the ipad detail page link would forward to the apple category.


No, that's a special case rule you would have to build in. It doesn't look at anything related to the product other than the seo_name and the product_id.