Addon Required, Artwork Approval By Customer

Hi Guys,
Long story but looking for an addon as above, if any one knows anything on the market or can custom dev it please let me know.
at the moment we create artworks for our customers decorated products and email them and attachment to check and they email us back with OK to proceed.
Very cumbersome. !!
I am looking for an addon that will allow our artwork team to upload the artwork to our site, and which will then send an email to the customer asking them to come and check the artwork we have uploaded.
Or we send them an email which directs them to a page for the same
we would need to be able to input details such as our ref number, customer name etc
they should be taken to a page and on the page it will have check box options such as
artwork checked and ok please proceed
artwork not ok please amend (with text area for info)
and finally an area where we stipluate that they are approving and to tick the terms and conditions of acceptance that any errors from now is the customer fault.
email is then sent to our artwork confirming this has been approved
Similar to a ticket system I suppose, but with the ability to upload more than 1 file/artwork
Hope this makes sense

artwork approval page addon request2.jpg