Addon: Recently Viewed in Newsletter

Hi All

I am working on an addon so that I can include a customers most recently viewed items into a weekly newsletter.

The addon will extend the “news_and_email” addon.

I will be happy to share this once working, but need a little help.

Does anyone know if it is possible to link subscriber_id to user_id in someway? No tables appears to have them in the same row?

I am interested, but sorry i can help with coding things.

I have linked them up by checking the email address.

This seems to be how CS-Cart do it in the current news_and_emails addon.

Hi All

Still progressing with the addon, but as with all development, the more you code the more features are required.

Can someone please advise how to:

  1. Extend an Addon to have the “Edit” option in the Addon list?
  2. How to create an input option within the “Edit” popup window?
  3. How to access that input option within the “func.php” file of an addon?