Addon: Promotional Banners

We’re happy to announce our latest addon EZ Promotional Banners.

For now, this addon is only available for V4. But if enough demand, it could be ported to other versions as well.

Perfect for use with Groupon and other remarketers, the addon allows you to provide different promotions when a user visits different landing pages on your site.

Style of the banner is fully configurable via css and you can choose from 3 different layouts for 1 column, 2 columns or 3 columns.

The 3 column example looks like:

The promotional banner is displayed in two possible ways. The first if the default way which places the banner at the very top of your pages so it is nice and visible to your customers.

The second method is by placing a block named “Promo Bannner” anywhere in your Design/Layout. So you could have the top display as well as a display within your footer.

The banner(s) will be displayed to the customer until they close the banner.

The admin allows you to specify the landing page, text for the columns and the coupon code. The coupon code can be substituted into the column text with a nice offsetting background color.


Tony, Does the add-on use cookies to tell if the visitor has visited before.? I see from your example it shows “Welcome Back”…

hello, sorry carry over from the other thread… say I have two categories:



Can I have this message customized to each category?

P.S. how does it look in responsive mode?


@carstickers, by default it uses the user's SESSION. The messages are triggered by access to the landing page. The session is only used to enable/disable the message as it relates to other pages. I.e. if I land on foo.html and it is set to display a banner for that page, if I go to the homepage, then the banner is still displayed. It is displayed for all pages until closed. Once closed, going back to the landing page will not cause the banner to appear. This is active until the session expires. However going to a different landing page that is configured to trigger the banner, will work fine. It's a landing page by landing page implementation.

@kayoko - You can configure different landing pages and there is no limit. So yes on your categories question. Responsive is fine. Obviously since it's a full-width banner, if you have too much text and try to compress it to too small a width it will make those areas wrap. The example works fine on my Android phone though the coupon code wraps under the text in that view. Using a single column (versus the displayed 3) would make it wrap better. It's all configurable in the addon settings or by adjusting the css to suit your needs.