ADDON: Product Tabs 1.0, I’ll check it real quick, I mean real quick, I gotta hit the bed…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]yea…, I’ll check it real quick, I men real quick, I gotta hit the bed…[/QUOTE]

That alright, I won’t keep you up. I had forgot to upload the content.tpl page. Thank you very much, Sno. I believe it may be working correctly now.



nice, let us know if their is anything else, thanks - sno

How i can get this product???

visit for information and make a donation to the cs mod club, Thanks - Sno

Hey i donated $25 this mod - i sent you some money from BW Group via paypal. I also sent you an email from bwilhelm (at) Please send the files to that address.

I am using our company login for these forums, in case you were wondering why the names didn’t match up. Thanks.

I noticed something in the /skins/basic/admin/side_boxes/cms.tpl file.

needs to come after

{** Product Tabs **}
{if $settings.Addons.product_tabs == 'Y'}

  • {$lang.global_tabs}

  • {/if}
    {** /Product Tabs **}


    How I can the ADDON: Product Tabs 1.0 in German or in other languages display?

    you’ll need to create them yourself…

    Is out Product Tabs sp.2 ?

    also is free upgrade for 1.0 ?

    is time to bump … are out tabs sp2 ?

    any plans to release a Products Tab for cs-cart 1.3.5 SP3?

    Product tabs already works for 1.3.5 sp3. I am already using it and it works great.


    Hey there

    I went over to the snorocket site but there’s no Buy Now tab…how the hay do i get these tabs…JUST what i’m looking for?



    [quote name=‘snorocket’]Product Tabs 1.0 is available from the CS Mod Club


    • Create unlimited Product Tabs
    • Create Global Tabs
    • Upload Thumbnail and Detailed Images
    • Compatible with Light Box Mod
    • Apply Tabs as Link
    • Compatible only with v.1.3.5+
    • Basic/Default Blue skins in both customer/admin areas

      Detailed information available at:

      Product Tabs 1.0 was developed by the CS Mod Club, the CS Mod Club is a group of CS users who pool our resources together to develop Addons to be distributed to club members, we accept donations to join the club which go towards the development of this Addon, donations can be made to and will be allocated to the development of Product Tabs 2.0 for v1.3.6[/QUOTE]

    The product tabs are only available after you make a donation to the mod-club, minimum is $25 from memory however the more you donate the more you get out of it.

    Hello Sno,

    I want to use this module i wil transfer money in your account soon but i have one confusion i am using 1.3.5sp1 will this mod work on it?

    And if not then can anyone upgrade my store to sp2? Can you do that?

    Waiting for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

    Warm Regards


    yes it will work no problems…


    Is it possible to make the new tab as default in produt update page for backend ? Just like Reviews and Send to Friend. Thanks.

    Hi michael, what do you mean make “default” like send to friend or reviews? you can set the display position but it sounds like you want this on the products update page?

    sno, i am getting the problem on product tab. After editing through HTML on product tab and tick available and than click save changes on product it is not showing my html text. Check the attachment to know better.:eek: