ADDON: Product Code Search Redirect

Hi All

In my industry lots of customers know the product codes that they are ordering.

I have created a function in the my_changes addon that automatically redirects the user to the product details page when they perform a code search, instead of the standard results page.

This saves them another click and makes CSC more efficient.

Please try it out on our live site, do a search for product code: 68663X

I have uploaded the relevant files, please save them in the main addon/my_changes location and activate the my_changes addon.

How do I install this in 2.0.15? I followed the instructions above, but it’s not working. When I search for an active product code, I get a “no results found” page.

I put the files in [CSCART_ROOT_FOLDER]/addons/my_changes. File permissions are 664, and directory permissions are 775.

Does this addon work with the SEO addon?


[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Unfortunately, the KB article modifies the core code. I’d rather use an addon.