Addon: New Version Of Ez Auto Mailer For Php 7 Compatibility

We have released a new version of EZ Auto Mail for PHP 7 compatibility. We've also addressed a couple of installation issues where English is not the primary language of the store and a few other minor defects mostly related to languages.

The new version is 4.3.41 and if your site is configured correctly, the upgrade will be automatic and should happen in the next couple of days. Please ensure that you are either using our sample templates as distributed or that you have copied/modified them under different names to avoid them being overwritten upon upgrade.

Just a reminder, you can set transnational emails on any of the following events within your cart:

  • Order placed
  • specific product(s) purchased
  • Order amount exceeds $XX
  • New registration
  • Form submitted

Each "event" can have it's own (or shared) template. Multi-language is fully supported. Events trigger on status change (for order type events) and can have various delays (measured in days) before sending.