Addon: Mystery Coupon

EZ Merchant Solutions announces the release of our newest addon; Mystery Coupon.

Now you can create links from an external site and have a coupon code applied for a specific product or to simply have the coupon be automatically applied during checkout if it is applicable and available.

Product details can be viewed on the Mystery Coupon Product Details page. Documentation can be downloaded from the attachments tab on that page or directly from here.

Configuration and usage details and relevant screen-shots are included in the documentation which is in PDF format.

In summary, the key features of the addon are:


[]Capture a coupon code for use during a later checkout

]Specify a product code which can be added to the cart with the coupon applied.

[]Specify a URL to goto after other processing is complete (like the checkout page or any page of your choice)

]Specify the quantity of items to be added to the cart

[*]Display the coupon description to the user when added to the cart or to their envionrment.


If you want to purchase the addon, you can use the addon itself which will give you a $10USD discount.

You can purchase by clicking this link.

PS. To use an SEO type name for your link versus the 'dispatch' type of command, add a line like below to your .htaccess file near the top after the RewriteBase.

RewriteRule surprise.html index.php?dispatch=mystery_coupon

Hi, do you have an example? I'm not that bright and I'm not sure I understand fully. Let say I set an external link with your add-on to post on a forum or give to an affiliate, the add-on would create it with a coupon in the link like: and when someone click on it, it would go to our site and place the coupon in the coupon box to redeem at checkout or add a discounted product directly in the cart for checkout?

The add-on is designed so an affiliate doesn't have to say go to and use coupon code blah for some discount, they just give a link that already include the coupon in it right?

Sorry if I got it all wrong.

By the way, I'm glad to see new add-ons, seems like not much is being developed lately or take a lot longer than advertised to be available.

Thanks for always being so helpful on this forum,


You got it… You can use the default values in the addon setting for coupon code, quantity, product code, etc. Or you can specify them as parameters in the link's URL. For example if the addon settings have:

redirect url: index.php?dispatch=checkout.checkout

product code: AABBCC

coupon code: abc-123

quantity: 1

then simply using this link:


will place quantity 1 of 'AABBCC' into the cart with whatever the bonuses are that coupon code 'abc-123' applied.

The same could be specified using a URL of:


You'd use the longer form if you wanted to have use multiple coupons or different products, etc.

The most common usage (I'm guessing) would be to not use a product code at all but to simply provide the coupon code. Then when the user goes to checkout (not just add to cart), the coupon would then be applied. That's what makes it a mystery coupon cuz the user won't know the value till they go to checkout (unless you enable the display of the coupon description where you could describe the bonus they would receive).

Oh this is nice. I'm just getting into the whole affiliate system and was just wondering on how to do this.

Sounds good to me does this work for 2.14 ?


John - should work for all versions. Nothing too tricky, just setups and appropriate actions.

Flow - Not just affiliates, but forums, emails, anywhere you might include a link.

Reminder: while there are defaults for a single product, coupon and redirect URL, they can all be overridden via paramenters in the query string portion of the URL. Note that you might have to url-encode things that contain characters such as quotes, question marks, ampersands, etc. All the usual cast of characters.

Just installed this add-on and it's great!

It super simple to setup and now people don't have to enter stupid coupon codes anymore, just clicking on my advertisement on another website for example is enough to give them a discount.

Huge timesaver, and also a great tool to up conversions of mailinglists, adds, etc!

And it's darn cheap too, for 25 dollar.