Addon : Muut- Commenting And Forum Integration

Hello Friends,
We are glad to announce the release of our new add-on Muut - Commenting And Forums Integration with CS-Cart
Muut is a modern, beautiful, and responsive commenting and forum system which provides a clean user interface with persistent content. Its integration with CS-Cart provides real time commenting on various pages i.e; it can be used to embed real-time commenting on various sections of your site. With this addon integration Muut becomes the true part of your page but not a window to another site.
Features :
  • # Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
  • # Functionality to add Muut block on various pages including :
  • -> Product Details Page
  • -> Category Page
  • -> Blog Page
  • -> Home Page
  • # Functionality to enable/disable Commenting Tab for vendor view page (In case of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor)
  • # Signed Setup and Federated IDs (SSO) option for admin.
  • -> Signed Setup : For Secure embedding.
  • -> Federated Identities: Use existing CS-Cart users and login screen for commenting.
  • # Supports Muut RTL feature.
  • # Permanent content that everyone can trust.
  • # Easy to configure and manage at admin end.

View Of Commenting Block (Tab) on Product page :

In a similar way the commenting block can be added on the various pages. Click here to know more.

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