ADDON: Multiple Add to Cart

This addon lets you create product groups which let you display the products in an itemized list in the multiple add to cart format, currently several template formats are available. The products features are automatically included in a filter for quick browsing. The sceenshots explain everything in more detail.

[COLOR=#FF0000]This addon is only compatible with v2.1 and will be released ~ at the end of the month after the v2.1 bugfix is released. We are holding off the release to make sure there will be no conflicts with the new bugfix release.



Nice addon! It’s a beauty!

Nice addon. Does it work if the products have options?

[quote name=‘Triplets’]Nice addon. Does it work if the products have options?[/quote]

Hi Triplets, no it currently doesn’t work with product options because we wanted to show all the items in a list format. If the products had options it would present too many issues. We reviewed about a dozen other websites which were using a similar mod and we did’nt come across any that were using products options.

Yes we could make addon use product options but we would have to change up the design elements a little bit - Sno