ADDON: "Marketing questions" add-on

Dear friends,

We would like to announce the release of “Marketing questions” add-on.

CS-Cart “Marketing questions” add-on allows the administrator to ask marketing questions on the order landing page in the storefront (“thank you for your purchase” page). Customers can answer or ignore the questions.

For example, marketing questions can be about the online store usability, about recommendations regarding online store stock, any other questions. By answering marketing questions customers can let you know some useful information that can help improve the business.


[]Ability for administrator to place a block with Marketing questions on the order landing page.

]Ability for administrator to add different types of question forms (text area, select box, radio group, etc.).

[]Customers see a question/questions after placing the order on the order landing page (“Thank you for your purchase” page) in a pop-up window and can answer or not answer it/them.

]If a customer is registered and has already answered Marketing questions, next time when he places an order, the pop-up with Marketing questions will be pre-filled with the previous answers. Customer can close the pop-up or change his answers.

[]Customer answer/answers are displayed in the admin back-end on the order details page.

]If a customer is registered his answer/answers are also available on his customer profile page in the admin back-end.


Current price is $59. Now the add-on costs $49.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Pro 2.2.x - 3.0.x

More details, documentation and all relevant screenshots are available at our website. Click Marketing questions add-on.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Best regards, Alt-team


Hello everyone!

As requested by several users, I would like to explain how to change “Marketing questions” text in a pop-up window that appears once an order is placed.

You just need to change marketing_questions language variable. After the add-on installation go to Administration → Languages. Search for marketing_questions language variable and type in any text you like instead of Marketing questions in the Value field. Don't forget to save changes.

See the attached screenshot below.

Best regards, Alt-team


Hi Alt-Team,

Would the results be provided in an email? Poll?

What's the major different between creating a poll block on this page and obtaining the results?



Hello JesseLeeStringer!

Customer answers are displayed on an order details page in the admin back-end for both registered and unregistered customers and on a customer profile page for registered customers. We can add a feature that will display all answers on a separate admin page (like it is done for a poll) if it will be a must-have for several add-on users.

There is a difference between creating a poll block on an order landing page and using the marketing questions add-on.

  1. Marketing questions are shown in a pop-up that attracts more attention than a poll block that is usually ignored.
  2. Marketing answers are connected to an order, so, once a client has placed an order you can see his answers. In order to view poll results you have to go to a poll page and since polls are not usually checked every day, some answers that need a prompt reaction can be left unnoticed for a certain time.
  3. If you need to check the marketing answers of a particular customer you can always do it by viewing his profile page.
  4. There is also a separate admin page where the questions and answers are shown.
  5. Customer can change his marketing answers. Changed answers will be available on an order details page, customer profile page, separate admin page.

    Best regards, Alt-team

Hello everyone!

We have re-evaluated the prices on some of our add-ons and decreased the price on the Marketing questions add-on.

From now on this add-on costs $49.

You can view the full list of our add-ons here.

Best regards, Alt-team


We are glad to announce that our Marketing questions add-on is now compatible with CS-Cart 4.0.x!

This add-on allows the administrator to ask marketing questions on the order landing page in the storefront (“thank you for your purchase” page) in a pop-up window. Customers can answer or ignore the questions. The add-on works correctly for multiple storefronts.

More details about the Marketing questions add-on are here.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Best regards, Alt-team