Addon - Intellectual Selection Of Products In Block (Analogues, Accessories) By Features

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Intellectual selection by features - is a great solution for cross-selling
Addon functionality gives you possibility of product selection based on:

  • product categories (yes .... for category "Notebooks" we can select products from the category "Computer mouse" "Bags for laptops" and any others, that you want)
  • product features (yes .... for laptops with 17-inch screen size addon will select bags for notebooks with 15.6-inch
  • price range (yes .... to expensive laptops, you can customize the output of expensive bags or mouses
  • product availability (yes .... the system will not show products, which are currently not available)

You can create an unlimited number of product selection rules, apply sorting, mix products, selected from the different rules. We also do not allow duplicated products in block.

Addon provides high speed performance (no brakes !!!)
This module is designed and developed in a way to spend a minimum of resources: no matter how many related items will be displayed on the product page.

addon was tested on stores with 500,000+ products and more than 1000 features with a large number of variants (for example, only about 1,000 brands)
in frontend we have a great speed of content rendering in block (even if tabs content 100 - 150 product items)

Actual data in block
Important condition is that product in block must have a non-zero price and in stock availability, this is why we provide a mechanism that allows data updating even if you do not use scheduled updates (in cron), the system detects when the page generation that regard last updated for a long time (you can cofigure in addon settings number of days for cache results) and will update all the links that are used to generate commodity tabs in the product (but on a global level, all products that use the same rules for selection, also update the cache blocks - tabs)

Usability for store admin
the administrative section of the module has an intuitive interface according the style of CS-Cart (which is considered as one of the most friendly among e-commece solutions)
after addon installation with clicking link "Help" you will see a complete illustrated guide to the functionality (described in full-cycle)

Dear friends, we have released new update release
Intellectual selection of products in block (analogues, accessories) by featuresv 2.8.0 from 21/11/2019

Functionality changes:
[*] "Exclude product variations" setting was renamed on "Exclude variations for Related products with the feature "Variations as one product" and accordingly changed its functional behavior;

Bug fixes:
[!] When viewing the saved relation Rule, the comparison operator "Equally" was not displayed. Fixed;
[!] If the condition for Related products contained"--- variant of [Reference product] ---", but at the same time this feature was not assigned to the Reference product, the rule was fulfilled according to the remaining conditions. Fixed. Now the Related product must contain all the conditions from the rule for “Related Products”, otherwise the rule is completely ignored.

Updates are available to all users with an active subscription; they are made through the CS-Cart Update Center.
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I have trouble understanding what your addons do.

demo doesnt lead to demo so i cant see

I have trouble understanding what your addons do.

demo doesnt lead to demo so i cant see

Try here:

hi alex your first bug. when common product detail show relation products, show both products common products and vendor products, if product common must be advice common products only

can you tell me when you planned work with common products ? its doesnt offer common products product detail view ?