Addon Help: How to override admin/views/manage.tpl?

Hi, I’m after a little help with a simple little addon Ive created.

This addon requires a hook to be added to the /skins/basic/admin/views/categories/manage.tpl file.

Since in v2.1.4 and v2.2.4, the admin tpl’s dont ever seem to have hooks located where I need them,

I just cant work out where to place the file so that it will override the standard file.

Ive tried placing it so that it is copied to /skins/basic/admin/addons/[addon_name]/views/categories/manage.tpl .

No surprise that this does not work, as I dont see any of the standard addons overriding files this way.

If I put it in /var/skins_repository/base/admin/addons/[addon_name]/views/categories/manage.tpl will it over-write the standard /skins/basic/admin/views/categories/manage.tpl file?

Ive tried using /var/skins_repository/base/admin/addons/[addon_name]/views/categories/manage.override.tpl but that dont work either.

Of course I can manually copy the file over, but that defeats the purpose of having “addons” .

So could anyone please instruct me as to how to over-ride or over-write the /categories/manage.tpl file when the addon is installed.?

Help Greatly appreciated…

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If you have to add hooks to the core then you are defeating the whole purpose anyway.

Your file path should go something like:


Thanks for the reply Tool.

Yes that does defeat the purpose of having hooks. Thats what I ended up doing , placeing a hook in the core manage.tpl file at the location i needed it. At least theres only one line of code .

Its a shame there is very few hooks in the Admin templates.

If I placed manage.tpl in /skins/[my_skin]/admin/views/categories/manage.tpl would that not override the file in /skins/base/admin/views/categories/manage.tpl ?


If you replace the file directly, yes, it will override. If you do not see your changes you need to clear the cart cache and browser cache.