Addon: Free Product

I'm glad to present you the "Free Product" addon for your CS-Cart stores.

The Free Product add-on allows you to add some product as free to the shopping cart with other product. The magnetic word "Free" spellbinds bargain hunters and attracts more and more customers to your store. Use the Free Product module to present gifts to your clients.

With the Free Product CS-Cart extension, you can increase customer experience by little presents. When the customer adds to cart a product, that has attached to it free product, this free product will be also added to cart with zero price.


  • Attach several free products to the one product. The system takes the first from them as free. When it is out-of-stock, the second is appear.
  • Attach the whole category from which free products will be selected as in point one. When the first free product is out-of-stock, the second is appear.
  • When the main product is removed from the shopping cart, the free product is removed aswell.
  • System also calculates the correct amount of free products in cart.






Now just $29!

Hello there,

Is it possible to have free product on it's own? I mean the product with zero price.

For example :I want to offer Free coffee sampler to my customers. So they can try free coffee, but will charge them for shipping at checkout.



i want to offer Free Products at the checkout of total Order amount. i want that each customer choose a one free item at the checkout
One Order 1 product for free
i will offer many types of product for Free with each order total but i want that customer have ability to choose only 1 item per Order.
kindly let me know if someone can help me how to do that.