ADDON: "Form manager" add-on

Hello everyone!

Today we have released a simple but quite useful add-on for CS-Cart users who use different forms for customers at their websites - the Form manager add-on.

As you know, the standard CS-Cart functionality allows you to create different kinds of forms, e.g: Contact us, Invitation form, Job application form, etc. The Form manager add-on allows the administrator to view and manage all forms submitted by the customers on a separate admin page.

The necessary forms can be exported in the Excel file right from the admin back-end.

More details, documentation and demo are available on this page.

Current price is $39.

The add-on is compatible with all CS-Cart editions and versions 2.2.Ñ… - 3.0.Ñ….

Best regards, Alt-team

just bought it

I find it very interest in this addon!



The demo does not work. I am getting errors:



Could not instantiate mail function.


Message could not be sent.

Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function.



Have you considered to expand this to a helpdesk/support tickets?

Hello P-Pharma!

The error “Could not instantiate mail function” occurs if the wrong/non-existent email address is entered, it is normal when you test the add-on on a demo site. The submitted form will be saved anyway.

Currently we do not plan to expand this add-on to a helpdesk/support tickets because it requires some prior investment. Due to the heavy work-load we can't afford to do it in a free time.

Best regards, Alt-team