Addon for next two high price products in product detail page


I am in trouble for creating an addon for showing two products of high price of same category in product detail page.

I have created an addon by creating addon.xml, func.php and init.php

in func.php i write following code

if (!defined('BOOTSTRAP')) { die('Access denied'); }

function fn_similar_products_get_products(&$params, &$fields, &$sortings, &$condition, &$join, &$sorting, &$group_by, $lang_code) {

$product = $view->get_var('product');

$params['sort_by'] = 'price';


$condition .= ' AND products_categories.product_id != '.$product['product_id'];


My problem is how to display the product array in product tpl page.

I do't want to use admin layout functionality.

I am very new in cs-cart . Please help

Please see the screen shot