Addon - Ez Product Commissions

EZ Merchant Solutions would like to announce our latest V4 addon EZ Product Promotions.

Do you sell products on consignment? Do you sell digital products where the author (artist, photographer, developer, designer, etc.) would like a commission on sales?

Then this addon is for you. You can now easily setup and manage commissions on sales.

You can report on current earnings by affiliate (what we call the person receiving commission) earnings, generate detail reports for various periods as well as Update the tracking to show when you’ve made payment to an affiliate.


  • Setup commissions on individual products
  • Setup commissions for all products within a category (or products within sub-categories)
  • Optionally setup/enable a default commission to be used when no other commissions apply.
  • Report on products/categories that are using commissions.
  • Report on sales filtered by a variety of search criteria.
  • Mark transactions paid for the prior month to make current reporting more manageable.

Product details:
Documentation: product_commissions.pdf
A few screenshots follow:

The manage page is very straight-forward and shows current affiliates, their commission rates and links to other operations.

This view shows a listing of the products and categories that have specific commissions set. Note the default setting in the lower right. As your affiliates grow, you can search by affiliate name (subset), select affiliates from drop-down, or by the commission rate.

Tracking can also be filtered by search. In addition to showing what the commissions are for each commissioned product in an order, the origin of the commission is also shown.

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Can this add-on be used to measure the number of sales of a given product that come from one specific URL?



It's not designed for that, but I suppose you could create some synthetic suppliers and assign values to them and then use that accounting to determine the frequency of purchase of different types of products or categories of products. It has it's own accounting tables so you can use the info in whatever manner you want.

Not sure what you mean by measuring sales from a specific URL. Google analytics would be the tool of choice for determining where your conversions are coming from.


This looks very interesting. Can you download reports as pdf or send them to affiliates via email?

There's no PDF output, but it will generate a csv and you can filter by affiliate and date ranges so that is effectively the same thing. You could then create a PDF from the CSV it you really wanted to.