Addon: Delivery Date & Time v1.0 - Lite Rate

Tested with: v3.0.x


Allows customer to specify delivery date and time in checkout

Delivery time and date displayed on html invoice and pdf invoice

Delivery time and date displayed in order email

Delivery time and date displayed in order information in admin

Delivery time and date displayed in order details when customer is logged in to their account

** TODO Version 2.0 - for people who already bought v1.0 your get a discount on v2.0**

Enable / Disable option for the time option

Allow to add own times to display from admin

Ability to add additional charge for specified date and time of delivery

Ability to disable / enable weekend delivery

Ability to allow 9am or 12pm delivery with additional charges

More to come… this is the initial lite release

Please see screenshots attached

Price: $30.00 (£20.00 GBP)

For anyone that is interested in this addon, at the moment should send payments via paypal to and the addon will be emailed to you.

Im currently still building the online addon store so until then will email them over.





This looks fantastic!

Can we control an earliest delivery date and then the user can select anything after ?


A product is defined with 2 days as earliest possible delivery

Customer selects a delievry date but cannot choose a delivery date less than 2 days

It can be controlled yes, but at the moment it would need some slight modification to the javascript of the date picker - this is something i can do for you if you wish at an extra cost unique to your requirements.

If this is something your interested in, give me a message

Hi, how is version 2.0 coming along?

1line, are you still around?

I'd like to buy your addon but I haven't received any reply to the email inquiries I sent to you. I just want to be sure you are actively supporting your addon before sending money.


Hey guys, sorry be really busy with other projects. Not done anything on a later version but i can support this one that we already have.


I have purchased your v1.0 add-on long time ago, and wondering if “Delivery Date & Time v2.0” supports cs-cart 4.1?

Is this available? At what cost?

Does it work with 4.1?