Addon: Cs-Press - Wordpress Style Blog Addon


Today, we are excited to present you the launch of CS-Press add-on for CS-Cart v 4 editions, probably the most complex blog add-on for CS-Cart.

CS-Press add-on adds WordPress style blogging functionality to your CS-Cart store. Gives the possibility to keep your customers informed about the latest company events, offers, new products announcements, news, etc. let them know whats going on. It’s a well-known fact that an active blog helps your ecommerce store by:

  • Capturing long-tail traffic, which improves your SEO
  • Enhancing your credibility as customers learn more about you, your personality and your company
  • Encouraging valuable customer feedback that can be incorporated in future marketing campaigns or product/service development
  • Allowing you to engage and educate your community, encouraging repeat customers

Done correctly a blog is a competitive advantage to your ecommerce business.
Blogging is also a crucial aspect of marketing. It plays an important role in SEO by placing keywords and anchor text all over your company's website. As a result, when users search for these terms, your business will have a higher chance of being displayed in search results on the front page.

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We are proud to announce that the CS-Press add-on has been successfully ported to CS-Cart 4.2.x.

Update required from the previous version.

Learn more about it here.

New version of CS-Press v4 - WordPress style blog addon for CS-Cart has been released!

We are glad to announce that the CS-Press add-on for CS-Cart v4.2.x editions was updated.

Revamped completely the mail sending function, added the opt-in subscription feature and notification mails are sent to site admin and customer on successful subscription.

Redesigned the “Latest article” block template, added multicolumn support, ability to set up the displayed thumbnail size and position.

Fixed the breadcrumb category SEO link issue. Also the disabled articles were listed if simple list was selected in the “Latest article” block, fixed.

Fixed the month name localization issue, now multilanguage is supported.

Optimized the engine part, improved the speed and some other minor fixes

More info: CS-Press v4

realy great blog add on… only missing sharing functionalty…or is it possible to use standard share buttons from cs cart ?

there are some minor html errors … i hope it will be fixed in the future

The HTML errors are generated by the cs-cart engine and most of them are present in the original code, without the add-on.

There are a few posts about it on the forum.

The issues related with the add-on are fixed continuosly of course, thanks to anyone who contributed in it.

Anyway does not affect the cs-cart or the add-on functionality.

The demo is not working.

Checked the link with success, never was offline.

It was not working on September 22 at 7:30 or so. Otherwise I would not have taken the time to come here and try to help you out by letting you know it was down.

You're welcome.

We didn't find any downtime in the logs, anyway I appreciate your effort.

cs cart 4.2 have corrected al the html errors…are you 100% sure that the addon is not producing issues??? and the social sharing option? is it possible to use cs cart fb,tweeter sharing in the blog addon? if yes…please enable it on the demo

thanks in advance

The site is running under cs-cart 4.1.2, unfortunately in this version the HTML errors were not fixed in the cs-cart engine.

Just reched the add-on, because each bug report is important (thank you), we didn't find any HTML errors in the source code. The social sharing option isn't supported presently.

Thank you for your interest.

What is the value of a blog when pwolle don't share it?

All ideas are welcomed of course. If you want to contribute in the add-on improvement you can send us your ideas, suggestions on our webpage. Thank you.

We are glad to announce that the compatibility with CS-Cart v.4.2.3 was tested, update is required from the previous version.

We are glad to announce that a new version of the “CS-Press” add-on for cs-cart v4 was released.

Minor bug fixes, technical repairs, code optimization, compatible with CS-Cart v.4.2.4.

CS-Press v4

Major update of CS-Press v4 - WordPress style blog addon for CS-Cart has been released!



We are glad to announce that the <strong>CS-Press</strong> add-on has been ported to CS-Cart v.4.5.x editions. Our team has been working hard to make CS-Press to be compatible with the latest CS-Cart editions.

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Meet a new release of CS-Press add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions.

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New maintenance version of CS-Press blog addon for CS-Cart!

We are happy to present to you our new release of the <strong>CS-Press blog</strong> add-on for CS-Cart v4 editions.

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