ADDON: CS-Knowledge Base/FAQ

We’re finishing up the integration of the CS-Knowledge Base/FAQ Addon. Attached is a screenshot of the customer front-end with the ‘basic’ skin. This addon has a suggested donation of $35, all donations will be used towards the development of other super cool Addons…


General Features

  • Compatible with ‘basic’ skin, more skins to follow later
  • Unlimited articles & categories
  • Unlimited glossary terms & definitions
  • RSS Feeds

  • Unlimited Categories/Levels
  • Category order control
  • Private categories
  • Make Invisible

  • Add attachments to your articles
  • Visual text editor for adding / modifying articles
  • Users can post comments
  • Secure articles for registered users only
  • Add articles to multiple categories
  • Filter Article Results
  • Make Invisible

    Visitor Features
  • Users can ask questions
  • View Related articles
  • Send to Friend Feature
  • Article Commenting
  • Article rating capabilities
  • Article Searching
  • Instant Response
  • View Glossary Terms
  • View Most Recent (see screenshot)
  • View Most Popular (see screenshot)

  • Multiple admin users
  • Five diffrent admin role (access level)
  • Password reminder utility

    CS-Knowledgebase/FAQ Uses
  • Knowledgebase
  • Help Desk
  • FAQs


Sounds very interesting and I am up for this. Couple of quick questions. Can this be installed on a custom skin ? Does it run on 1.3.5 SP2 ?

yea it can be installed on a custom skin pretty easily and works on all versions of 1.3.5+, the skins in KB can be changed also, I’m finishing coding the SEO portion of this Addon right now, when I’m done it will be ready for release :slight_smile:

The screenshot looks great!

where is it?

What is the way for getting ADDON: CS-Knowledge Base/FAQ ?

Donation 1000 usd? or 0.00001. or none?

in fact I dont understand it. it is for sale or what ? it is Released ? or not?, the integration of this addon is being tested right now for pre-release in a few days, it’s a mod club mod with a suggested donation of $35

I think it would be a good idea to put a PayPal donate button with a customizable amount on your home page. I believe that the payment page has an “Enter notes” field for mod name.

Oi Sno, think you sent this to the wrong address again.

Pm’ed you again :slight_smile:

bumps snorockets for the addon

Is the release date known yet?

well i’m just going to email an sp1 release to everyone monday, we’ll make changes and updates from their and release an sp2 later…

Hey Sno,

Will this fab mod work on New Vision Blue? If so, it’s just what I’m looking for :slight_smile:



It would be what anybody should be looking for. :rolleyes:

Especially those with downloadable products. The mod could act as another “Help” method.

yea it should be able to work on all skins because it’s an integration, however if it does’nt we’ll see what we can do to fix it - sno

PM Sent for this fabo addon

Release date says a couple days ago, has it been sent out yet or are finishing touches still being made?

putting the finishing touches on, if anyone would like to volunteer to come over and help change diapers I may be able to find the free time to finish it off completely, otherwise people will just have to be patient, we’ve been getting alot of emails of where it’s at…what I find very interesting is people act like their store is going to go out of business without this little mod, in addition to this addon, we have like 25+ others addons we’re working on plus optimizing the product tabs addon which holds a higher priority over the kb…lol

honk honk?

beep beep…

rev rev?..