Addon: CS-Cart Price Per Unit Addon

CS-Cart Price Per Unit Addon will add unit name after each price in product listing and detail page. It's more clear for customers to see what's the unit of measurement. It's a must have addon for any wholesale store.


  • Support multi-languages
  • Support bulk edit/assign unit names to products
  • Works with our CS-Cart Lowest Price Addon
  • Works with cs-cart block system which means the unit name will be shown anywhere where it should be

No core file changes!
Price per Unit for CS-Cart 4.x

CS-Cart 4.x Ultimate & Multi-Vendor Editions. CS-Cart 2.x - 3.x Community, Professional, Ultimate & Multi-Vendor Editions.
CS-Cart 1.x user please contact us to get more details

You can get the addon here.