Addon:- Cs-Cart Order Share To Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Add-On


We are glad to announce a new CS-Cart add-on from ABSSoft “CS-Cart Order Share To Social Media Add-on”

CS-Cart Order Share to Social Media Add-on, is the way of improving your business level through social medias. This is an add-on helps to boost your business sales through Social Media (Like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

Customers share their product in social Medias, through this add-on you may get more customers for your shopping website.


[]This add-on very easy to install from your CS-Cart website.

]You can choose the product image whether need to show order success page from add-on setting page.

[]You can type the desired sentence from add-on setting page, this message will be displaying while sharing to Social Media pages.



]This add-on works in all web browsers like Mozilla, Internet explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, …etc

[]This add-on comparable with following CS-Cart versions 3.0.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x. The add-on will be available for lower CS-Cart versions by your request after the purchase is made.

]We are ready to offer you the product, add-on and also installation with cost-effective.



  1. Do not resell the software and use it on licensed domain(s) only.
  2. The add-on installation may take 1-2 business days after the purchase.

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    Kindly contact us at if want CS-Cart Order Share To Social Media Add-on for your CS-Cart based online shopping website.


cool…can this addon be used without having this icons in the header???

[quote name='demeldoo' timestamp='1419349779' post='200765']

cool…can this addon be used without having this icons in the header???



Sorry, i can't understand here. Can you please provide more details? you mean need to remove the order landing page header section?

Looking for your responding.

i mean this login facebok button in the right upercorner… just to use it on order pages…for sharing not for login. better question would be can it be combined with hybridauth?


If you already login the Facebook account then trying to share the order things means it will not ask login again. If you not login the Facebook then it will ask login things.

We could not share the details to social media page without login.


It's logical… i only asked if cs cart built in social login feature is compatible with yours.


Yes, our “CS-Cart Order Share To Social Media Pages Add-on” compatible with cs cart social login feature. Please let me know, do you have any query question.

Happy New Year 2015**