Addon: creating a new Products filling

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Hello all,

I'm new to CS-Cart, currently using 2.24.

I'm working to create an addon that displays all products on a single page, grouped by their topmost category. I figure I can accomplish this by creating a new block filling.

I've currently created a new filling in the following manner within addons/dealer_categories/schema/block_manager/

$schema['products']['fillings']['dealer_categories'] = array (

'params' => array (

'status' => 'A',



$schema['products']['appearances'][] = 'addons/dealer_categories/blocks/dealer_categories.tpl';

One question I have is how would one change the drop-down title displayed in the Block Manager? It is currently “_dealer_categories”, and the Appearance is '_dealer_categories.tpl'

Since this will be on the front page, I will be going about creating an and assigning the category tree to the view. With the products and the category tree I can construct everything needed with templates and javascript.

Does my approach seem sound? Again, I'm very new with CS Cart, so any suggestions on best practices or resources are more than welcomed.