Addon Configurator Developper Ideas


I come here to see if some developper try to extend the lost addon product configurator ?

For one of our developpment we activate product configurator it look likes good on vers 4.1.2 and workinig properly. But for our configuration the last step product add an option.

As it was at final step product normaly we could not see his options so we extend this to show it.

It works fine but when we pushed the configurate products to the cart we loose text input…

So does anyone have play with configurator product in past ? Does any one have tricks for it ?

Tks a lot best regards


Hi there

we had made some serious modification in earlier versions for that (Configurator Super Charged (Its Alive...) - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Community Forums | Connect with the Community | Find Solutions) and we have update this to version 306 (see it live in

If there is much interest on that project we will develop this in v41x

Just let me know