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Here we present an addon Expired Products Purchase Restriction

Short Description

This add-on restricts customers from purchasing expired products from the store.
Let’s think about what happens after someone gets a product happily at home and realizes it’s expired. Isn’t it frustrating? Yes, it is.

This situation can happen to your customers too, and you might never know about it. Some customers will stay loyal to you and continue to shop at your store. Others might decide that they want to shop somewhere else where they feel that they will not accidentally purchase expired products.

To avoid this situation and for the sake of maintaining customer’s trust CS-Cart Expired Products Purchase Restriction add-on has been developed.


  • Well integrated with CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multivendor.

  • Admin can set the expiry date of the products.

  • If the product expires, the customer will not be able to buy that product.

  • Customers can request expired products from the front end to purchase them.

  • Admin can view the expired products & requests made by the customers for the expired products.

  • The email feature is available for admin and vendors.

  • Admin can set interval period and interval type.

Installation of CS-Cart Expired Products Purchase Restriction

When you download the CS-Cart Expired products Purchase Restriction Add-on you’ll get one zip file, one install.txt file, and a relevant User Guide manual doc. Read it carefully for proper configuration. Go to Manage Add-ons, and click on the Settings icon > Manual Installation as shown below in the snapshot.

Now, click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown in the below snapshot.

After installation of the add-on, you will find the “Expired Products Purchase Restriction” add-on in the list of the available add-on. Make sure, the add-on is activated as shown in the below snapshot.


After the module installation, the admin will do the general settings.

Here, the admin can see the option for the expired products tab and products requested.

Here, the admin will set the interval periods and type of interval as days, weeks, months, or years.

Manage Expired Products

When the admin clicks on the expired product option it will navigate them to a list of expired products.

Here, the admin can check the expired product list, customer requests for that product, and edit the product. The admin can also set an expiration date on the product.

Set Expiration date

To set the expiration date of the product, go to the product editing page, then in the pricing/inventory section, you will find the option to set the expiration date of the product as shown below.

Front-End View

At the front end, the product expiration date is available for the products as shown.

If the product get expires then the add to cart button gets removed from the front end automatically.

Request for product

When the customer wants to purchase that product then the customer can place a request for a product from the front end as shown below.

When they click on the request for product button a popup will open.

Here, the customer will enter their name, email, and phone number. Once they submit the request it will display to the admin.

Requested Product List

To check the list of requested products by the customers, go to the Products Requested option.

Here is the list of the products for which customers have requested availability as shown below.

Email Notice

The admin and vendor both will get the email notice before the product expiry date as per the set interval.

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You can also check the live demo for a better understanding of the addon’s functionalities.
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