Addon by Webkul : CS-Cart TV App

Hello Community,

We are glad to introduce an addon CS-Cart TV App.

Short Description

CS-Cart TV App allows the customer to run the app directly on the TV and play the uploaded videos by the admin. Customers can use the app on their Android TV and operate it with a remote and they can also select videos from any displayed category and view them according to their TV resolution.


  • Admin can add various videos in the TV app.

  • The store owner can manage videos and also can add, edit, and delete the videos.

  • They can also create various categories for the video addition.

  • Customers can search for the video by entering text.

  • A keyboard will be available in the TV app to add the text.

  • Customers can use the TV remote to control and perform these actions.

Installation of CS-Cart TV App

After downloading the add-on, you get one zip file and the install.txt file.

Now, navigate to the admin backend panel via Add-ons->Manage add-ons. Tap on the cog icon, and then tap the Manual installation option.

After that, a pop-up comes up, and on that click on “Local” to browse the zip file. Then click on the “Upload & install” button.

After installation of the add-on, you will find the “TV App” in the list of available add-ons.

Module Configuration – Admin End

After installing the add-on, navigate through Add on->Manage add-ons->Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. ->TV App.

Here, tap on the Open option to view the available settings for the same.

Now, tap the TV app Link and navigate to the SettingsGeneral section.

TV App Settings

Now the admin can configure the video, homepage, and category settings.

Set Categories

The admin can add and manage the categories for the TV App. Click on Categories and it will navigate you to another page.

The admin can edit and delete any category by clicking the settings button.

When the admin hovers the mouse over the video count it will display the videos added to that category.

They can also add a new one by tapping the add button. Enter the category details here and save it.

Here, the admin needs to add the following details –

Name – Enter the name of the category.

Description – Add a description of the category.

Status – Status of the category as active, hidden, and disabled.

Manage Videos

The admin can manage uploaded videos, add new videos, and edit and delete them.

Upload a new video by clicking on the add icon.

Here, the admin will enter the following details.

Title – Enter the title of the video.

Category – Choose a category for the video from the displayed category list.

Full Description -Enter the description for the video

Thumbnail – Add a video thumbnail image.

Video – Select the video from the device. Now save the details to add the video.

Edit the previously added video.

The admin can also perform bulk action and delete the videos from the list.

Homepage Settings

Edit the home page by clicking on the settings button.

Title – Add the title for the homepage.

Short Description – Add a short description.

Full Description – Add a full description.

Image – Add an image for the home page.

Number of Videos – Add the number of videos that will be displayed on the home page.

Choose Categories – Choose a category to be displayed on the home page.

Status – Status of the home page as active, hidden, and disabled.

Once all settings are completed the TV app is configured successfully with data.

TV App Customer End

The customer will open their TV and will find the dashboard first.

Here, the customer can see the search option, listed videos, home icon, and category.

Search Page

Customers can search for videos by entering text.

Home Page

When clicking on the home icon the video will display with view all option where the customer can view all videos.

The customer can check the plugins category-wise.

Category Page

On the category page, customers can see various videos added in different categories.

Now the customer can select any video and play it.

They can play, pause, forward and backward the video.

You can check the purchase link for this addon here.

That’s all for the add-on, still, have any issues, feel free to write here