[ADDON] Back To Top CS-Cart 3, with 9 themes!

I made a new ADDON for CS-Cart 3.x called “odience To Top”, it adds a nice and cool “back to top” button to your store.

It comes with 9 built-in themes, and gives you full control over its behaviour.

It’s based on jQuery, and uses optimized images, css and js files.

No core modification, a standard and well coded ADDON.


[center](below the watermark, there is another black arrow, :D )[/center]

Check it out working at: [url=“https://www.odience.net/market/”]https://www.odience.net/market/[/url]

or go directly to the addon’s page: odience To Top for CS-Cart 3.+

Tell me your feedback please.


Cheers mate!


Oh $5 euros!

You probably want to post your products in the right forum - try the “Commercial” forum, instead of “Hints + Modifications”.


There is another one somewhere in here free…

Thanks anyway


Thanks for your replies.

I know of a free version, IECSP is giving it away, BUT my addon gives you easily configurable themes and LOTS of control over the behaviour and settings of the “back to top” button. 8) PLUS, it uses optimized images and CSS styling and light JS and as a result it does not slow down your pages. 8)

About the forum, I don’t know why I cannot start a new topic in the “[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif] [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Commercial” section, so I posted it here, as in some way it is a “Modification” :-)[/font][/color]

[font=“arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif”][color=“#282828”]For new comers, here is my “back to top” addon: [/color][/font]odience To Top for CS-Cart 3.+