ADDON: Automaitcally Add Categories Based off of Vendor Name

Hello All,

This is my start on a plugin that will automatically create (and in the future, Assign automatically) a Category based-off of the Vendor Name added in the Vendor’s Screen.

Right now, with the way it is, It does add the Category to the CS-Cart System. It doesn’t however automatically Assign the Vendor to the newly created Category (I’ve been boiling my noodle over that for a while now).

However thus far this Add-On Works, in the limited capacity described above. (This has been a quickie little addon, so I know the code could probably be optimized better, please feel free to do so and let me know.)

I’m very open to other people extending this, (I’ve got other projects to complete and can’t dwell on adding the category automatically to the vendor) however I’ve attached it for use and review.