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[SIZE=5]Auto-Mailer Product Details[/SIZE]

EZ Merchant Solutions announces the release of our newest addon; Auto-Mailer. Now you can schedule email to be sent to your customers at some future date based on a variety of criteria from the orders they’ve placed. Save time and money by using professionally developed quality merchant tools from EZ Merchant Solutions. Just set it and forget it.

Product details can be viewed on the Auto-Mailer Product Details page. Documentation can be downloaded from the attachments tab on that page as well. Relevant screen-shots are included in the documentation which is in PDF format.

This addon allows you to send what are known as transactional emails based on specific events being encountered. Most commonly, this is used to send a follow-up email at some point in the future to a customer who has purchased something. For example, you might send an email to everyone who purchases from your site 3 days after their order asking them to please post a review of the products they purchased (with links to the products). Or you might want to send a re-order reminder to a customer when the supply of your product should be getting low.

Order events are now processed by order status. The default order status is set in the addon settings area and each event can be triggered by its own order status.

There is a complete admin interface consisting of a management page that lists the current events to be triggered as well as pages to view email that is to be sent as well as emails that have already been sent. You can create events from a fixed list of actions which are pre-defined triggers.

Currently, the actions for orders are:

  • One or more of a certain product was purchased.
  • Total order amount greater than some value.
  • A particular payment method was used.
  • Any order placed.

    There is an action setup for a new user registration too but it only has the new event associated with it. You can use this to send an additional welcome message offering new customers a special offer.

    Templates can be associated with an event. Data is provided to the templates based on the type of event encountered. I.e. order info for order events and user info for profile events. Templates do have a naming format, but other than that are fully customizable. .Multiple languages are supported so if your customer purchases in Romanian, they can get their emails sent to them in Romanian too if you’ve provided the translation. Otherwise, the templates will fall back to English.


  • Fully event driven and prioritized.
  • Highest priority event that meets the event conditions will be processed first. Other actions can be processed too if the Stop other actions checkbox is NOT checked.
  • Events are triggered by order status changes
  • Events are fully customizable and can be named to suit your needs.
  • CC email addresses can be associated with events.
  • Days in the future to send the email can be specified per event
  • Supports event status so events can be turned on and off (Active/Disabled).
  • View emails queued to be sent
  • View emails that have already been sent+ "Run the queue” at admin login or via cron job or via manual link.
  • Templates are fully customizable.
  • Fully supported
  • Free bug fixes and feature enhancements
  • If applicable compatibility with future versions in the same main version tree provided free of cost. Ie. And addon with a 2.1.x version will be freely upgraded to support any cart 2.1.x version.

    The software is a licensed product and does not make any changes to standard files distributed by cs-cart. Licenses are valid for a single domain and a specified test domain only. Quantity pricing is available. Please contact us for details.

    [SIZE=4]Special Offer[/SIZE]

    Buy the bundle of our 3 email related products and Save $30.00usd.

    See the Auto-Mail Product Detail page for details.

Hey Tony… I always enjoy your mods and this one sounds very interesting. Is there a way to trigger an email event based on when a specific status has been set? i.e. I want to send a followup email 20 days after I set an order to Shipped.

Also, is there a way we can allow the admin to enter an email address manually and specify a certain template to send? For instance, if I have a customer interested in a product but they aren’t quite ready, can I add their email manually to send them a followup in 15 days?

I intentionally did not use order status as the trigger mechanism so as to keep the difference between Triplets mod and this addon very clearly different. I may add that option in the future, but having an event be triggered by status change or order creation adds a lot more logic to be dealt with. Not hard, just overly complicates. Assumption is that if you usually ship within 5 days of getting an order that you’d just add 5 days to the time in the future to send.

Unfortunately, there is not a general “I’m interested in” event in cs-cart. What you request is kind of a CRM type function that would be better handled by a CRM product like Goldmine or ACT. They have fully customizable email templates that you can just indicate the product the customer is interested in and it will take care of the follow ups.

This addon is intended primiarly as a post-sales function.

I do not believe his addon will do that, but I have a PHP code that does exactly what you are asking for. You can read about it at [URL][/URL]

Based off of x amount of days from a Staus Change, my code sends email to customers asking them to add Product Reviews for the products they ordered. Included in the email are links to all the products from their order.

Let me know if you are interested. Several people in the forum have already purchased it and using it on their site.


^^^ … I saw your PHP code as well and it’s an option… but I’d delete your post from Tony’s sales thread… not the right place for your post.


but I’d delete your post from Tony’s sales thread.


Courtesy and professionalism seem to be declining on this forum at a very rapid pace.

I am sorry you see my post as a threat to you. That is not my intent, I was simply replying to a post that I have an answer for. I wish one could answer posts in these forums without constantly getting criticized. We are all on the same page. Trying to help others and answer their questions. That is all I am doing. Note I do not even have all those footer links in any of my posts that so many people have advertising their sites.

Actually I probably would of given my mod out for free, but to be courteous to the addon I decided to charge a small amount.

I will start another thread that describes the many modifications I have coded up for cs-cart, but my post in this thread is right on topic and directly answers racingsolution’s post.

Triplets - You hijacked a thread in the 3rd party section advertising a product I developed by offering your “mod” in place of the “product” that was featured. I find this unethical, discourteous and highly unprofessional.

You did something similar in another thread that was discussing a problem merchants were facing. Then when I stated I would define and develop an addon product you chimed in that you had a mod you’d supply for much less money (turned out to be $10 less). This thread was an open discussion but your timing pretty much sucked.

Suggest that if you want to offer your products or services that you do so in your own threads - titled as such, not hijack a thread I started to promote my product.

I don’t know you and really have nothing against anyone supplying solutions that help people out. I provide many “mods” for free here on the forums. But I also spend time defining and developing “products” that are upgrade independent, supported and usually adminstratable (sp?).

I just don’t think it’s right to jump on someone else’s sales pitch to hock your own wares. I don’t do this with other suppliers on this forum and most of them don’t either.

I think we will agree to disagree. I never look at what forum I am posting in. I simply click on Today’s Posts and read through the posts that way. The specific forum is irrelevant to me, I am simply answering posts in the date order they are posted.

I will not post in your threads anymore, but all that really hurts is the cs-cart users. Last I checked this was a public users forum for all cs-cart users and not a means for a small few people to advertise their sites or business.

you got a wrong link regarding the bundle in your offers.

tbrinseth: would you consider to get order status to be an event as another option?

it would be much better send to someone who really paid for the order (status: completed)

I fixed the missing quote mark which caused the link to fail.

Since I’ve had two people now request that events be triggered by order status, I have made that change too. The default order status is set in the addon settings area in the Configuration tab. But each event can also have its own order status that it will trigger on.


so right now we could send an email, 5 days after order status become completed?

Yes, you could have one sent at 5 days, another at 30 days or have one at Processed and one at Completed. It’s completely flexible.

wow, you rocks tb.

definitely buy this.


Purchased… Thank you


I am starting to feel like the biggest bandit on Earth.:stuck_out_tongue: Your site wont take my money again and I like the look of this addon.

Youll see my failed order I think



John, it’s an AVS missmatch between the billing address entered and the billing address registered to your card at your bank. I’ve relaxed restrictions as far as I’m comfortable with regarding AVS. I just don’t think Anet likes Brits! :slight_smile:

Contact me via email and we’ll work out other arrangements: (remove X’s)

does it work with multi vendor version?

No reason it shouldn’t. An order is an order… And an email is an email.

However, I do not have MVE to test with.

As always, if you encounter any issues, we’ll make it right or refund your money.

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this is when i select products purchased, it appears in product code box in admin _am_new_event.