Additonal Object Fields And Extra Tabs Addon

Hello, Guys!
We want to present new addon for cs-cart Additonal object fields and extra tabs addon

Easy to use and efficient addon of additional fields . You can add fields for additional information, or for inserting a video, or for any other information.

[attachment=14962:3a9a04bcaa5d4483028f92d9f6568aff (3).png]

Main features of the module:

  • Supported objects:
    - Products;
    - Categories;
    - Text pages:
    - Blog Pages:
    - Vendors (Multivendor edition)
  • Multilingual support (admin can disable multilingualism selectively for each field)
  • Html editor support (admin can turn on/off the editor for each field separately)
  • The field value can be displayed in a block in website layouts on the page of the corresponding object.
  • The field value can be displayed in the product tab (only for product fields)
  • Value fields support import/export (only for product fields)
  • Support instant upgrades via upgrade center

3a9a04bcaa5d4483028f92d9f6568aff (3).png