Additional Tab In Product_Update.tpl

I am unsure how to display an additional tab on product variation pages, if it is a 'Variations as one product'.

I have a design/backend/templates/addons/my_addon/hooks/products/

{include file="views/products/components/picker/picker.tpl" input_name="my_addon_data[]" item_ids=$my_addon multiple=true view_mode="external" select_group_class="btn-toolbar" }

For variations as separate products it works just fine.


has a condition

{if !$product_type->isFieldAvailable("tabs_content")}

So I added app\addons\my_addon\schemas\product_variations\ with

use Tygh\Addons\ProductVariations\Product\Type\Type;

$schema[Type::PRODUCT_TYPE_VARIATION][‘tabs’][] = ‘my_addon’;

return $schema;

and it actually adds a tab... without content.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm new to CS-Cart and smarty, can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Have you defined the tab on controller level?

In add-on you should create a controller /controllers/backend/ and add this mode there:

if ($mode == 'update') {
            Registry::set('navigation.tabs.my_addon', array (
                'title' => __('my_addon'),
                'js' => true
} // end if

Also, make sure that you're cleaning cache regularly - templates are prone to be cached and therefore fields in tab may not be displaying correctly.

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Thanks, I have the controller and cleared cache, but the problem persists.


Does the tab show and has no content or is the tab not visible at all?
Have you tried to enter anything else in this
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The tab is visible for all variations, the tab content is visible on pages of 'variations as separate products' and does not exist on pages of 'variations as one product'.

As a workaround I simply put the content of my div in design\backend\templates\addons\my_addon\hooks\products\

Now it properly loads for all types of product variations.

However, 'variations as one product' is still giving me trouble. For this kind of product my data doesn't get saved/updated.

I have no explanation since it works for all other products that arent 'variations as one product'.