Additional Store Front

Hi There

We have a storefront with 2 stores, we would like to add another store but the domain is currently hosted elsewhere.

I need to build the store and design before changing the name server so we do not have too long where the store is offline.

I am needing help with setting everything up from the back end and sharing all the products between all 3 stores. We are using lots of bandwith with over 12,000 products on each store.

I would be really grateful if someone could help and point me in the right direction to sort out how to do this


At the moment you can point new store-front to subfolder (e.g. After all test are completed, just change DNSof the new domain to point to your server and change store-front URLs in the admin panel.

If your statement above is correct about the 3rd domain being on a different server, then this is not supported in cs-cart. All storefronts need to be on the same server.

I don't believe how you've described your environment is supported in cs-cart.