Additional language Seo and sitemap

Hi,we added second language to our shop and I am confused about SEO and sitemap.Actually we have default English and second language SEO addon I switched on Show additional language in the URL: and off Use single URL for all languages.Is that good way or not ?

When I regenerate sitemap,only default english urls are generated in file.Is that correct or should sitemap include also urls for second language ? What is best practise when using more languages ?

I see that for example Bing already indexed our Czech urls,but Google not.I am a bit afraid if Google recognize our urls in Czech.I checked cs-cart documentation,but it is not really clear to me.Up to now we always used only one language.Thansk advance for any tips or recommendations.


By default, sitemap generates links in all available languages:

Please make sure that the var/files/google_sitemap/ folder in your installation has write permissions for the web server’s user account.

Hi,somehow my sitemap contains only default language links.I checked permissions,it is correct,folder is 0777,file itself 0666.Should I turn on use one url for all langueges ? What can be wrong ?

Hi,I think I fixed it.I removed sitemap file and new generated sitemap contains now also urls of second language.