Additional images problem 2.0.14


Our products have several additional images.

The small thumbnails below the larger image when clicked would change the larger image above.

Clicking on the “View larger image” would open a lightbox with all the thumbnails showing.

If the additional small thumbnails are more then 2 and someone click them, the larger image above will change correctly.But if another option is selected, the larger image above is not the selected.

Also in the previewer bottom list the thumbnails are not in right order and there are some duplicates.

When there are 2 or less additional images seems to have no problem.

When choosing an option and view it larger is ok.

But when choosing another one,the large image is shown correctly in the previewer but NOT its own thumbnail at the bottom of the previewer.As many times I tried ,it keeps the thumbnail of the first selection in the previewer.

So there are 2 issues:

1.Why it’s going crazy if more then 2 additional images are used?

2.Why the thumnail of the selection doesn’t pair with the large image in the previewer?

Anyone has the same problem solved !!

p.s. checked the forum but only similar issues found, not the same

you sure you are uploading the images to larger image detail and let the thumbnail create itself ?


wow your like 5+ versions behind, might want to consider upgrading, who knows how many bugs were fixed between those versions, probably like 500+


And 200 introduced! :slight_smile: