Additional images not all showing in lightbox gallery

I have found an issue in Firefox with the last additional image added not showing up in the view large image lightbox gallery. I have attatched two images showing the main product page and the three thumbnails for alternate images, and the lightbox popup showing only two alternate thumbnails.

here is a link to that page.




Works for me using Firefox 3.5.5 on a Mac. What version of Firefox are you using?


I am using the current windows fire fox distros. So it works on a Mac?

Yes - 3.5.5 works fine on a Mac. Just tried 3.6b3 and it also works fine.


Ok so it looks like an issue with only FF and windows. Strange. Can anyone else try this out and tell me if you are getting the same problem?

works on windows 7 and ff 3.6b3

OK I have found the issue’s reason. However, I can not find a solution. If the Page is zoomed (browser function: in firefox only) in on and then the view large image link is used. Then this problem manifests. Try it!!!