Adding Tooltip To A Column Header?

Wonder if there's any way to take advantage of the simplicity of adding a new language variable in order to add a tooltip to a column header in main products table listing?

We've added a position field to the product table so vendors can arrange the display of their products on their shop page by adding a number value here. It's a little unclear how it works so we would like to add a little info on what the field does in a tooltip popup. (see mockup attachment)



I create a common/tooltip.tpl file in my addon directory. This file looks like:

{if $tooltip && __($tooltip) != "_`$tooltip`" }

You simply use it like this in your situation:

{include file="addons/[my_addon]/common/tooltip.tpl" tooltip="lang_variable_name"}

The nice thing about this method is that if the language variable isn't set then it doesn't do anything. Normal cs-cart would generate "_lang_variable_name" as the tooltip if the language variable isn't set.

Thanks Tony - great "tip"! :grin: