Adding Short Description to Invoice

How do you add the “Short Description” field to show up on invoices?

CS-Cart 2.x


No takers?

Is there some type of interface or a logical way to edit invoices in 2.x?

I cannot find any other posts on this issue. Is there not anyone who has edited their invoices in 2.x,

or is there someone from CS-Cart that can reveal this secret? It seems like this would be a function

of the software.

There probably isn't a post on the exact topic of “Short description in invoices” but there are plenty of posts on editing invoices.

No, there is not (and doesn't really need to be) an interface to edit invoices. Invoice layout is not something you change on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. You do it how you like it and you're done.

/skins/your_skin/mail/orders/invoice.tpl is where you want to make your changes.

Thank you for the response. I have done searches, but they yield a bunch of other irrelevant information. Do you

have a recommendation for searches on the topic?

Best, Drew

I'm not going to search for them but if you study the invoice.tpl a little bit, you will see how it works and what goes where.

Where exactly do you want it to show? In the row/line with product code, product name, etc…? I would think it would look bulky and make it look cluttered.?

I went ahead and threw this together. It is untested but this is the area I am assuming you want to modify. It is also within a hook if you want to go that route.

{foreach from=$order_info.items item="oi"}
{hook name="orders:items_list_row"}
{if !$oi.extra.parent}

{hook name="orders:product_info"}
{if $oi.product_code}

{$lang.code}: {$oi.product_code}

{if $oi.product_options}
{include file="common_templates/options_info.tpl" product_options=$oi.product_options}{/if}
{if $settings.Suppliers.enable_suppliers == "Y" && $oi.company_id && $settings.Suppliers.display_supplier == "Y"}

{$lang.supplier}: {$oi.company_id|fn_get_company_name}


{if $oi.short_description}{$oi.short_description|unescape}{/if}
{if $oi.extra.exclude_from_calculate}{$}{else}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$oi.original_price}{/if}
{if $order_info.use_discount}
{if $|floatval}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$}{else} - {/if}
{if $order_info.taxes && $settings.General.tax_calculation != "subtotal"}
{if $oi.tax_value}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$oi.tax_value}{else} - {/if}

{if $oi.extra.exclude_from_calculate}{$}{else}{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$oi.display_subtotal}{/if}