Adding several products to a live store - tip

Just thought I’d post a little tip of how I added several products to a store without them showing up within the live store. There are several ways to do this but if you want to go the quickest route “bulk product addition” I feel works best. BUT…then you have the items shown in the store without all the details until you manually go through and add everything. I had over 300 products I needed to add with several options each. Figuring it takes about 5 minutes or more to add each item I knew it would take several days to add them all one at a time.

Here is what I did:

I went through and created a category call “future products”. I set the category as “disabled”. Then during bulk product addition, I set that as my default category to for my first product. To save time I just cloned several of these so I didn’t have to select that category every time. Once I had all the basic stuff typed in for the product using this method I moved on to the product details. Essentially I searched for all the products in my “future products” category since I knew that all the products in that category needed more details. Check off a page worth and under the choose action link at the bottom of the page I selected “edit selected”. Then you can choose what needed to be changed for each product in more of an assembly line style. I also found it easier to do this twice so you don’t have so many details on one page. But be sure if you do this make sure you don’t change your Main Category until the last step so you can keep everything sorted. Once you have all the details added for each product then change you main category to what it needs to be and each product will be ready to order as soon as it is visible to the customer.

A few things I have learned in doing this:

  • Don’t try and have more than 10 items per page if you are uploading images. For some reason the cart only uploads the first 10 images.
  • MAKE SURE not to change you category until your last edit or else you will lose track of where you new products went.

    -Dividing up the product details editing into 2 different times kept from having to scroll right to left. I did image uploads and Main/Secondary categories as my last edit so all the details were proper once that was saved.

    This is kind of hard to explain in words but if you try it you will see if flows quickly for adding several products at a time.