Adding script reference in head to specific pages

Hello, I am currently looking at CS-Cart as an option, and have installed the demo without issue. Before I can decide to use this cart, I must make sure a specific thing can be done. I need to make a reference to a Javascript file on product and category pages. I change the script.tpl file but nothing is changed, it does not even appear in live code. I have searched the forum and found reference to wrapping the code in {literal}{/literal} tags, but still it does not change. Can anyone help?

Did you clear your cache?

Yes. I even tried it on other machines, and no success. It's like any changes i make to scripts.tpl (or any .tpl file for that matter) are not changed. Is this perhaps because I am using the trial without a license?

use ?cc from admin panel

I dont mean browser cache, I mean cs-cart cache.

There is a clear cache command that will update your site.

go to your admin panel and click any link

like Orders

then in the url add &cc and hit enter. This clears the cs-cart cache.


Thank you, I did this and the code appears. However, all other javascript on the page breaks?

to load external javascript file it should be something like

{script src="external-java-script.js"}

If adding js code causes other js code that was previously working to fail, then the problem is in the newly added code.