Adding sales tax to a state fast

If you need to add sales tax to one state, after setting up your state tax in Taxes and adding a check mark for one product, the sales tax should be applied to all products.

Note add a localization for your state and remove it from the states under USA.

I did add the check mark at one product, but the sales tax was only applied to that one product, not to any other product.

I did not want to manually edit +3000 products, so i used a short cut.

Using your phpMyAdmin, sql the cscart_products table

now sort by clicking on the tax_ids tab, all but one fields are empty

click the tax_ids tab again to show the not empty field at the top.

There is a number shown that represents the tax id number(not the tax rate)

in this case the tax id is 8

Now simply run a sql query as follows:

UPDATE cscart_products SET tax_ids=‘8’ WHERE tax_ids=‘’

here the number 8 is what is my tax id, but yours could be a different number.

saved me hours of work!

You can also select all your products and choose edit selected, unselect all items, then click only taxes. This is useful for those store owners without SQL experience or those who use role administration or do not want to mess around in the DB.

It seems this option is no longer available in CS-CART 3 (?)

Yes it is.

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Maybe this is a silly question, but why do we have to mess with this at all?

Aren't taxes the same regardless of what product you sell?

I'm a Michigan USA business, I have to collect sales tax in MI, but no other state.

I import products automatically from my distributor(s) and it is very inconvenient to have to go in and “apply taxes to all products” every time there is an import.

Why isn't there a GLOBAL tax set up method?

i.e. I set up Taxes for Michigan Sales Tax for the state of michigan, then every single product I sell should have Michigan sales tax applied from a Michigan buyer regardless of whether the product tax checkbox is checked or not.

This will only get exponentially worse as we start needing to collect taxes from multiple (or all) states.

Assume for the moment I have to collect sales tax for every state. That means I'll have 50 taxes that I have to go in and check the box for the product for each of the 50 states.

Does anybody know if CS Cart actually has a “Global” tax method system of some kind that doesn't require the tax checkbox on the product to be checked?