Adding Quantity Discounts to Product List View

I’m looking to add my quantity discounts to the product list view for both search results and viewing products by category.

Attached is what I’m looking to achieve…any thoughts?

Thank you!


Did you ever find a solution to this?



I am interested to know too. Thank you!

I have quantity discounts assigned for certain usergroups and they do show when a user assigned to those groups are logged in; this is on product view details pages. Of course that is not exactly what you are after.

Hello! I received an offer from Joe who is willing to do this mod for $35, just wonder if you guys are interested in split the cost? Thank you!

Perhaps, Sno is interested to do it for th club?

CS-Cart provided me with the solution (20 credits). It involves an addition to controllers/customer/categories.php. I’d be happy to share, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to distribute the mod here. If you contact them, reference “mod request: show lowest price on category”.

Hello sixnin9,

I paid them for exactly the same mod. However, mine breaks when promotion is on.

It doesn’t quote the the lowest price break after the promotion is on. I asked them to fix it … they told me that’s the way it works … I need to pay them again in order to quote the lowest price break if the promotion is on. :confused: