Adding Products Directly By Editing Database


I'm developing an web application that adds products to CS cart via PHP-issued SQL statements. I'm adding records to cscart_products, cscart_products_categories and cscart_product_descriptions. What other tables to I need to modify / input data into?

Currently the products aren't seen in the cscart control panel.

Why don't you just use the API so you can keep up with it? There are many other tables related to inventory, options, prices, etc. These are in constant flux so using the API will give you some insulation from those changes and also allow you to apply more of the business logic (Ie. Settings) to the data.

I vote for API. But if you still want to use your own logic, pay attention to the following tables

- cscart_product_prices

- cscart_ult_product_descriptions

- cscart_ult_product_prices