Adding Product Variations In V12

Hello CS Carters,

In the latest version of CS-CART, when a new feature is selected in the "Add variations" window, all possible combinations with the specific feature appear and are by default SELECTED (tick box) and expanded. You then have to manually un-select the variations you do not want to create.

It is much more convenient the way the previous version worked, i.e. the if the variations appear by default UN-SELECTED (and collapsed) and then manually select the ones you want to create. This also minimises possibilities of errors.

How can we make the new variations appear by default UN-SELECTED and collapsed?

Many thanks CS-Gurus :)



What do you mean eCom?

Sorry, I mixed up two threads. I have no answer on your questions. Code examination is required

No worries... I would appreciate it if you would be able to help.