Adding "Please Select an Option" to top of option list.

I could have sworn I saw a thread on this, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

What I need is a new option at the top of the list in select boxes. This option should be something like “Please select an option” and be selected by default.

I have been able to add the option, but it does not behave properly. Tries to change the pic, is not default, etc…

This is as a work around for HIDING OPTIONS THAT ARE OUT OF STOCK… Which apparently, CS-Cart doesn’t do.

With out this feature, if the first option combo is out of stock, it says “out of stock”. While all of the other options might have inventory, a customer isn’t going to dig.


I’m also interested in similar functionality. I can see where a customer would be confused if the first option is out of stock.