Adding Paragraphs inside a form?

Hello all!

I’m trying to make a form in CS-cart and it’s got a bunch of inputs, phone numbers and that sort of thing, but when we get all the way down near the bottom I need to be able to insert a paragraph of terms and then after that have a checkbox saying that they agree.

Now, when you create a page in CS-cart you can add a page description that shows up above the form… is there any way I can insert paragraphs inside/after the form? :confused:

Alternatively, is there a way I could store the terms on another page and have something like this:

(checkbox) I agree to the (link to terms) Terms and conditions (/link)

Any insight here would be appreciated - I’m a CS-cart newbie but if I can figure out how to leverage the features of this I’d be able to recommend it to a lot more clients.

Thanks in advance for your help, I’ll be checking back soon! :smiley:

You could create an ‘Unique HTML’ block and then layout your paragraphs as you wish.


Not really possible unless you put all terms and conditions there where the name is…

Hiya jobosales and texasguy!

Thanks for answering so promptly! I’m going to add an HTML block after the form listing the Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Release of Information - and then within the form make a checkbox that says “I agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ listed below on this page”

It’s not pretty, but it will certainly do what I need it to! Thanks again for your time and insight!