Adding "not in stock" items to cart with inventory tracking


Is it possible to have inventory tracking enabled and allow the customer to add an item to the cart that has the stock level set to 0

Basically I want the customer to see that we don't have this particular item in stock but they can order/pay for it and we can then get it dropshipped or order it in for them

I have changed the text_out_of_stock message to" On Order:Despatch Estimate: 2-3 working days" but would like the button to appear so the customer can add it to the cart

allowing negative inventory does not solve this as it displays everything as in stock, disabling inventory tracking does not show stock levels and order in advance is not practical as we would need to update the dates every day

any advice or pointer to commercial modules would be helpful - i have already purchased the alternative stock statuses from Alt/team but this does not appear to work with options(I could be wrong and apologies to altteam if this is the case but I cannot get it to work with options) plus i still need the add to cart button



This issue has now been solved - Alt-Team kindly modified a module I Purchased from them and I have a good solution. Thanks Alt-Team your service has been excellent :grin: