Adding New Product to Cart problems

I am adding a new product from another site and then I need to add that product into the cart.

All is working until I view the Cart in CS-Cart.

Here is what I’m doing…

in CS_Cart I’ve created my own controller which does the following.

I define all product information in a $data array() and

CALL - $product_id = fn_update_product($data); …

Product is added ok and shows up in the Catalog/Products

Then I tried to add the product to the cart.

$product = array(

$product_id => array(

‘product_id’ => $product_id,

‘amount’ => 1



$cart = $_SESSION[‘cart’];

$ids = fn_add_product_to_cart($product, $cart, $auth);

$_SESSION[‘cart’] = $cart;

I view $cart in the error_log() and all looks very good. New Item is in the cart:smile: .

But when I View the Cart in CS-Cart the new items are removed.:frowning:

I also called the following functions hoping it would help.

fn_save_cart_content($_SESSION[‘cart’], $auth[‘user_id’]);

fn_calculate_cart_content($_SESSION[‘cart’], $auth, ‘S’);

What am I missing ?

Would the cart cache affect this ? and how do I update the cart cache ?

Some times if I log into the user account the new items show. I need this to work 100%.


Robert Campbell