Adding New Page For Front End


I have added a new link in the top menu called Training for training my customers how to use my website

the URL is:


when I click the link I got a page not found.

So please can you tell me how to add this page.


Ammar A. Al-Neamy

Not unless you provide the htaccess password.

With the link you created (using dispatch=) you have created a customer controller called 'training'.

In using a customer controller, you will either need to redirect to a different link based on the 'mode' of the controller or you will have to add a 'view' that matches the 'mode' within the controller skin directory.

I'm guessing in your case it would be much easier for your to simply link to either a static page that describes what you want or to a 'page' within the cart that you've added via the Content/Pages area. You should then use the SEO name that's being used.